Domestic Aid


A Message from Mr. Faddy Shaheen,

CEO at Merciful Hearts.

Merciful Hearts is a registered non-profit organization Headquartered in Perrysburg Ohio.

Tax ID # 85-2526254

Merciful Hearts is reaching out to you today to highlight an issue that needs immediate community attention. We believe in your capacity to care for those who need your immediate attention and help. Your local needy brothers and sisters in the greater Toledo Ohio area are in dire condition and need caring people like you to come forward. As it is said “Those who are the most privileged have the most responsibility” It is time for us to come forward and be the force for good that is desperately needed at this crucial time. Please Donate as much as you can to ease the burden of those who are experiencing food insecurities.



Family Assistance

We offer relief assistance and aid for families who have suffered a tragedy, families that have been displaced by disaster, families dealing with the shocking loss and sudden death of their loved ones and families faced with situations that can threaten their stability and survival.

We also provide coordinated relief support that can mobilize and improve government, industry or community response to emergencies and disasters. Our objective for this program is to ensure that the unity, stability, and survival of family units after a disaster is not harmed or threatened.


Emergency Relief


Disaster can strike at any time, and there’s almost no preparation sufficient enough to deal with the aftermath. This is why we are here-to provide stability when things fall apart. With the support of our partners around the world, we raise crowdfunding to purchase relief materials or donate to causes and relief projects that can instantly and directly benefit families and communities affected by disaster.


Education Aid

We know that educating a child is equal to educating a community and, education remains the bedrock of societal development. It’s our desire to see every child educated and to provide anyone who wants to learn with the opportunity and resources to pursue/further higher education.

We invest in initiatives that open up access for proper schooling and set up emergency education aid for communities that have been displaced by natural disasters or political and religious crisis to continue providing education. With your donations and with the support of our partners worldwide, we provide basic learning materials such as bags, notebooks, textbooks, pencils, calculators, erasers and pens.  We also provide funding for makeshift schools and educators’ compensation to keep things running till these communities can get back on their feet.


The future belongs to the children- however they can only be in charge of their future if they have the knowledge that can change the world. This is the knowledge we want to ensure they do not lose to situations beyond their control.

No One Has Gone Poor

by Giving.